Dr Farooq Khan murdered

Death of Dr Farooq Khan Mardan

Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan was assassinated here in Mardan today by two young assassins. They entered his clinic and killed him while he and the staff at his clinic were having lunch. He was shot in the chest and died on the spot. His personal assistant Salim was also killed when he challenged the attackers. Pushing another staffer Alam, the attackers escaped from the scene on a motorbike.

There are speculations as to who were the attackers. He has had no personal or family enmity. The attackers were young but the way they executed the plan showed they were highly trained and had planned for the murder. They attacked him when all of his staff was having meal. They finished their assassination plan within seconds and slept away very calmly. That the attack was carried out in Dr Farooq Khan’s clinic that is situated on the Mardan-Swabi Road, also showed their audacity. As Dr Sahib was a vocal critic of militants, private Jihad and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, it is suspected he was killed by TTP men. The Jamat-e-Islami men present at his home said it seems to be the work of the Black-water. Let’s wait fort the truth.

The killing of Dr Farooq is not the death of one person. By killing him, the assassins have in effect killed thousands. He was supporting the livelihood and educational requirements of hundreds of families and persons and these people have been bereft of their saviour and supporter.

He was a kind man. He never scolded his personal or professional assistants. He always behaved meekly and respectfully with them and all others who came into contact with him. He was hard worker, a work-holic personality as he had himself put it, and would usually sleep for three to four hours daily. But he never behaved peevishly with any one. He was truly the embodiment of love and respect.

The moving scenes at his funeral showed how much people loved him. Those who wept are not his relatives; they are those who he helped or was helping, said one of his relative.

With his death, as one of his friend said, the entire Pakhutn belt has lost a kind, sympathetic and supportive brother. His loss is a colossal loss and his gap will be long felt.

About Tahir Ali Khan (Official)
I am an academic, columnist, and a social worker.

3 Responses to Dr Farooq Khan murdered

  1. May Allah punish his assasins. Aameen


  2. sohail sahibzada says:

    Farooq was in Khyber Medical college with us, although he was one year behind us and we had different political views, he was still a good friend.
    what makes me wonder why should someone hurt him,he was such a gentle and polite individual who always talked about non violence, tolerence and compassion.
    It is a sad day for all of us.
    May his soul rest in heavens and Allah give sabar and comfort to all the berieved.
    Knowing him if he had survived this attack and his assailents found, he would probably forgive them because he would say
    …’ they are ignorant and its our fault that they have evolved like this’….., .
    He will be sadly missed!
    Sohail Sahibzada


  3. M.Dawood Saleem says:

    Innalillahe-wa-innaileherajeun. I had watched Dr sb on TV a couple of times. He was really an inspiring islamic personality.He was so polite and down to earth and answered the questions in a very humble way. I am personally sad on his death.May ALLAH shower his blessings upon him and his family(aamin)


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