Yvonne Ridley’s email to US Attorney general on Dr Afia’s case

Email by Yvonne Ridley US Attorney general on Dr Afia
Dear Mr Holder,
I am a journalist and film-maker who has been investigating the rather intriguing case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui since her disappearance with her three children in 2003.
Can you please tell me why a Pakistani citizen, who allegedly carried out a crime in Afghanistan, was charged, tried and sentenced in a US court?
Not only did the alleged crime happen in another country, but Ms Siddiqui was renditioned without formal extradition papers and without correct consular access according to official US records.
No other citizen, from anywhere else in the world, has ever been put on trial in a US criminal court for the attempted murder of US soldiers although quite clearly, from the horrific statistics coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan the death toll and injuries of US soldiers is now running in excess of tens of thousands.
Can we assume from this that the US is now in full occupation, and therefore in control of sovereignty of Afghanistan or did Judge Richard Berman simply make a mistake by accepting such a case in to his court?
I have copied in Lord Nazir Ahmed from the British House of Lords in to this email since he has taken a particularly close interest in the whole case.

I look forward to a response soonest.
Kind regards
Yvonne Ridley
First Witness Productions Ltd

About Tahir Ali Khan (Official)
I am an academic, columnist, and a social worker.

One Response to Yvonne Ridley’s email to US Attorney general on Dr Afia’s case


    How much Tax Payer revenue is used to perpetrate the following Acts.

    1/Funding Fatal Drugs; 2/ Funding staff to force fatal drugs;
    3/ Funding the ‘Compulsory Assessment / Surveillance and Treatment Act;
    4/Funding the periodic surveillance of Ex-victims of the MHS;
    5/Funding the Human Rights Commission and the Health and Disability
    Commission to ‘Obstruct Justice’; 6/ How many victims have had Justice
    obstructed, for how many years; 7/How many people have been KILLED,
    8/How many Families Destroyed. 9/How can the perpetrators Live with themselves ?

    10/ When will JUSTICE be Upheld, to the saving of Many, Many, Many Lives,
    And the commencement of several Ecological Initiatives.



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