Comment on Newyork Times` article

Comment on the Newyork Times` article that accuses the ISI of knowing about the presence of Bin Laden and supporting him.
Today I went through the entire article. But I found no worthwhile and conclusive evidence though much of hearsay known to all and at times conflicting details as will be shown in the comment. The article contains only the often repeated allegations that Pak military abets militants and Alqaeda. The only evidence the writer gives to prove her point that Pakistan military knew of Bin Laden presence is that the ISI had formed a special cell on Bin Laden. Well, it is but natural that intelligence agencies round the world form cells on personalities, dangers and groups like Bin Laden and Alqaeda but it doesn`t mean they support and want
them. Instead they are fought against by making special plans, bodies and arrangements. Would have loved to read the book the article is based on but…… Also, the writer dubs Qari
Saifullah Akhtar as the most valuable asset for ISI but then goes on to say later in the article
that Qari Saif in his 2009 meeting with Osama Bin Laden asked him to provide him with support for his plans to attack the GHQ and ISI headquarters. Strange isn’t it? How can an “asset” be so hostile to his “mentors”?


About Tahir Ali Khan (Official)
I am an academic, columnist, and a social worker.

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