PTI poised to leave KP people in the lurch

PTI was voted to power in KP but it is eager to leave this responsibility to others and to snatch Takhte Lahore from others. It`s a bitter reality for KP and other
provinces excluding Punjab. The
latter is a kingmaker province as
55 percent members in NA come
from here. I had written article
on the issue and advocated that provinces need to be given equal
weight in PM election as is given
to them in president`s election. I
am at a loss to understand as to why
nationalists like the Late A Wali khan and
others from smaller provinces didn’t advocate for equal weight
for provinces and signed a
constitutional mechanism that
empowered Punjab to suffice for
forming federal govt alone. This
doesn’t mean Punjab`s seats in parliament be reduced. Its seats
can be increased even more but
the votes from its members in
PM election must be given parity
or equal weightage in that
election. As things stand today, small provinces are at a
disadvantageous position visavis
Punjab. In senate, which has less
and no financial powers and
authority to vote in PM election,
provinces have equal membership. But in NA, Punjab
has hegemony over the rest of
Pakistan in PM election who rules
the entire country and not
Punjab alone. Isn’t it injustice?


Mustafa Nazir Ahmad

Point well raised but probably you are forgetting that the Senate was supposed to be more powerful than the NA. I still believe that if Senate is genuinely empowered, many of Pakistan’s problems can be solved

Tahir Ali Khan

Mustafa sb in parliamentary system almost everywhere, the upper chamber is less powerful. And it traditionally has no role in the election of chief executive. And in Pakistan, Senate has no financial/budget related powers as well. My points were/are: provines should have present unequal membership but equal weightage in the election of pm in NA as is the case in election of president these days; or provinces should have equal membership in NA with powers to elect pm remaining with it and membership in Senate be determined on basis of population with or with no such powers; or equal membership for provinces be retained in Senate and the election of pm should be left to it.

Mustafa Nazir Ahmad

Agreed but again probably genuine devolution of powers to provinces coupled with an empowered senate is a more workable solution. In multi-ethnic societies like Pakistan, Senate has to be empowered and that is easier than bringing the amendments you are proposing. You know how elections to Senate are conducted with people like Azam Swati or Gulzar Khan getting elected from KP or Balochistan without support of any party, based on their wealth

Tahir Ali Khan

so your preference seems to be that provinces should have equal weight in pm election though with present memebership and senate should have more powers.
Mustafa Nazir Ahmad

Mustafa Nazir Ahmad

I get your point and fully agree with it but still think there are better ways of doing it. Division of Punjab in at least two and ideally three provinces is the best solution so that anyone could not become a PM by winning in Punjab alone


About Tahir Ali Khan (Official)
I am an academic, columnist, and a social worker.

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