An Appeal to Chinese

An Appeal to Chinese

By Tahir Ali Khan
It was agonizing. There were fewer people than before. All of them were scary and in a hurry. They had to be for they feared they might fall victim to the deadly Corona virus.

The sight and the concern for the future were distressing. I was about to weep and began sobbing. Then I tried to control myself thinking of the people around me. But I just couldn’t hold my tears from rolling down my cheeks.

I was in the mosque for Friday prayers. The prayer leader quickly wrapped up the sermon and the subsequent prayer. Earlier, he had asked the people to do ablutions at home, offer the traditional Sunnah prayers at home and just reach to the mosque for obligatory prayer. He then prayed to Allah, besides other things, to eradicate this menace of Corona Virus quickly and completely.

The people the4n left quickly to offer the remaining Sunnah and optional prayer at home.

I wept because the mosques are on the verge of being closed and we may not be able to attend congregational prayers at these Homes of Allah the Almighty; even the Sacred Mosque at Makkah and the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH have been shut down for prayers; so do churches, Mandirs, shrines and religious places of other beliefs; Markets, parks and roads are almost empty; Schools and colleges are closed; There is no or less social interaction; We are mostly confined to homes.

But there is more to it.

The entire world has been hit hard by the virus. Thousands have died and hundreds of thousands are in danger. Billions have been confined to homes. World economy is in a shambles. Hundreds of millions are finding it hard to cater to their families in wake of lockdowns and the resultant joblessness and pricehike. Billions may die of hunger in coming months if the virus attack continues.

The world is fighting and trying hard to contain the deadly pandemic. All have to. There is just no other option. We all do. Sooner or later, we will win (If Allaah wills) but the entire world needs to ponder and decide: will it be the last time that the virus played havoc with us? or will it strike back? Will we be on the defensive and trying to cure the patients after being hit by the pandemic or need to be aggressive in our approach to stop the menace from occurring again?

It is here that I want to say something to our brothers in China and other nations who, for their culinary habits, have been playing havoc with the world by becoming the origin of the virus.

You have all rights to eat whatever you like. So, none can force you to eat or not to eat this or that thing. We can only make a humble request. And let me make one. Hope you will accept it in the best interest of your nation and the entire world.

Just AVOID EATING RATS, MICE, BATs, DOGs, PIGS and other animals who are believed to have been the main sources of this and other deadly viruses in the past.
Kindly reconsider your culinary habits, stop eating the dangerous virus-containing and bad-smelling animals and shift to vegetables.

And if you like eating flesh, just move on to other non-dangerous animals like goats, rams and buffalos etc.

We all need to have Empathy. Just think of the deadly effects the eating of such deadly animals has caused to the world. Could we hope you all will put yourselves in our shoes and have mercy on us all living in the world that we share with you? Could you please promise that you will never eat these animals again?

About Tahir Ali Khan (Official)
I am an academic, columnist, and a social worker.

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