Interviews of Dr Farooq Khan

I had interviewed Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan on a number of occasions.

Here is his the link to the interview which was published in The News  in 2008.
Here is another interview with him in which he severely criticises the militants.

He also spoke on the IDP’s phenomenon.

He also spoke on different education topics:

Dealing with students’ failures:

The curriculum issue:

and scores of other topics.

Dr Farooq Khan:The man and his works

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan was born in 1955 in a village in the district of Swabi. He is widely recognized as a writer, columnist, and intellectual throughout the country. He is also a known religious scholar and competent TV compare. He delivers lectures both within and without the country. He obtained his elementary education at his hometown. Then he joined Cadet College, Hasanabdal, and later on the Cadet College, Kohat. After having acquired the degree in medicine, he decided to specialize in psychiatry. He established his private practice in Mardan.

He has a comprehensive personality. Besides being a doctor, he obtained religious education in different Madrassas. He served as a student leader as well. Then he joined Jamat-e-Islami but left it soon. He later joined Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf but quickly parted ways with it. He also also contested elections. Recently, he has been appointed the Vice-Chancellor/Project Director of International Islamic University Mamdheri Swat built at the same venue which was the centre of the notable Swati cleric Maulana Fazlullah.

In his own words, he is a humanist who strives for the well being of the whole humanity. He doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories, urges self-realization and critical self analysis and stresses that once we overcome our shortcomings, the external world will steadily become favourable.

He is not happy with the rampant emotionalism in our society and thinks that our reactionary psyche has done us much harm.

God has bestowed upon him the quality of presenting his propositions in simple language. He is clear in his thoughts and terse in his utterances.

He has written some books in both Urdu and English languages. Some of his works include, “ Dialogue with the West”, “Pakistan and the Twenty First Century”, “Islam and women”, Jihad and War, some important discussions”, “Modern issues and Islam”, “The Struggle for Islamic Revolution”, and the like. In all he has authored about 20 books, around half of these published while others still await publication so far so far.

His English book War and Jihad, which has been recently launched, comprehensively argues against the private Jihad and details the way-out. The book needs to be disseminated throughout the country and world.

He has also recently concluded the exegesis of the Holy Quran. He has also completed the Islamic studies curriculum for upto the tenth class which he was about to submit to the ministry of education.

He was last year appointed the vice chancellor of Swat University. The university was to start its sessions a couple of days later but alas he is no more amongst us.

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