Noor Muqaddam Case and Victim Blaming

Noor Muqaddam case and Victim Blaming

Tahir Ali Khan)

A friend with a legal mind today posted this message in a group.

“Theory of crime says that
1)criminals have inherited the desire to commit crime.Its in their genes
2)If someone gets an opportunity to commit a crime ,he/she will do it.

This (Noor Muqaddam) case lies in the second category. If the victim had left such issues as marriage, proposal and its rejection or acceptance to parents as is normally done and as Sharia advises us as such, she might not have have met this fate.”

My response to the post was the following.

“This is called victimblaming. It tantamounts to creating excuses for the criminal and his criminal.

No criminal can escape punishment over the excuse that the victim gave him an opportunity and no victim can be held responsible for his/her murder for that matter.

It is a planned, cold-blooded murder, the murderer must be punished and we must support his conviction and eventual execution

About Tahir Ali Khan (Official)
I am an academic, columnist, and a social worker.

2 Responses to Noor Muqaddam Case and Victim Blaming

  1. Ali Khan says:

    Good luck.
    History of Pakistan is replete with hundreds of instances where murderers who belong to wealthy and influential families always get away with their gruesome crimes. No need to go back many years, just look the past five years and such h cases will stand out.
    A country which has been ruled and governed by criminals and Mafioso what can one expect.

    Only Allah will soon show His disgust at all such nations, soon. One only needs to study , with an open mind, the holy books, first of all our Holy Quran and interpret the Quranic Verses as they apply to the present society, present day. Remember, Quran is God’s word for eternity.
    Signs are now so evident ….the Corona, Delta and perhaps more still unidentifiable… are same as the curses which befell the nations which paid no heed to their Messengers of God.
    Just wait , this is the beginning of the end.


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